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My name is Rudy.  I am the happiest German Shepherd Dog on Earth.  My dog run makes me happy.  Also the people, they have given me my home, and they take care of me.  They are also a great source of my amusement.  I love to watch them and listen to them.  They don’t think I can speak their language.  They are wrong.  I know all the important words.

The Dog Run Blog is a place for like-minded dogs to hang out and sniff the breeze.  We like to talk about just about anything.  I am the reporter and write many of the blog posts.  However, I love to get comments from other dogs and humans alike. 

Sometimes, I even post stories about other dogs that live in distant lands, (sounds romantic, eh?) These dogs tell me about their lives and what goes on over-there. 

The Dog’s Owner Manual is for those that I live with everyday.  Every dog needs a manual in order to run their human owner.  You will find all sorts of interesting tips and traps for dealing with them.  It also gives a lot of insight into their behavior and their current obsession with “being in the moment”.  That’s the latest.  It is all fine with me.  They love me, talk to me, entertain me, and most important they provide tasty meals. 

I have lots of interesting toys and accessories and other products to use.  OK, I am pampered.  I have so much stuff, it is hard to understand why I have so much.  There may be a mirror behind the Dog Run where the marketing team sits and watches my every mood and behavior.  They have identified one thing already.  My favorite color is red.  This is the color of my favorite ball.  I call it “Red Ball”.  And I am not color blind.  It has to be the red jolly ball.  So, this is my plight.  I am a big German Shepherd Dog Marketing Laboratory Rat! 

Check out the products section for my reviews of stuff they throw at me.  I will tell you about what I like and don’t like about them.  I bet you can’t wait to hear about the boots I have been wearing in the snow!

Lastly, I am a super-snoop.  I find the most private things to write about.  I find old letters, diaries, books, pictures, treasure chests and just about anything interesting.  A lot of these items give me insight about dogs from bygone days.  You can learn many things from history. History, right, I will make sure I repeat it, because a lot of these dogs were very happy and fulfilled.

Just one thing from you.  If you don’t mind, tell me that you like my dog run. Please leave a comment for every article I write. Tell me about my roving-reporter skills (don’t tell me about poor grammar or spelling–OK?)  We can be a part of the pack at the Dog Run.  I don’t even need to be Alpha to be happy.

Best to you,