Another New Puppy on the Block

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Danny Boy 122709

It happened again, there is another new puppy on the block.  Yippee!  He is a little German Shepherd Puppy-Dog.

I just met him last Sunday December 27th.  His name is Danny Boy and he is a long hair German Shepherd Dog.   Anyway, he was so happy because he was out tracking in the snow with his big sister Morgan.  He was only 9 1/2 weeks old, but he wanted to learn how to use his nose like his sister and all his new German Shepherd friends.  Our GSD pack will take him under our wings and get him started on the right path, for tracking that is.

He told me that he likes his new home and sister.  They have all been very nice to him and they pay lots of attention to his every need.  His Mrs is a great trainer for dogs and his Mr likes to watch over him, keep him warm, and talk to him in the car. 

He asked me what he should do around the new house, so I gave him a hint;  chew on EVERYTHING and blame it on cutting your new teeth.  He thought about and said he thinks it would be easy for him to get away with it, because he is so fluffy and cute.  I said, ”Oh Danny Boy, you have a lot to learn.”  Those soft cuddly ears and almond eyes will only get you so far with your Mrs.  She expects you will take to the field like a Champion GSD with tracking and obedience training.  I am sure you will too.  

What I did not tell him was all the things I did as a puppy.  I eat his glasses.  Why, I do not know, other than he had them close to his eyes which I loved and love to look at.  I get so many cues from his eyes.  Do they know that we read eyes?  I do not think so.  I ate half a plastic lens.  I came out the next day with no problems,  but my Mr took me to the vet to see if I needed an operation.  Thank goodness I did not.  The Vet, I like her because she knows all about us GSD, said ‘feed him bread, it is soft and will encapsulate it while it passes’.  It worked and the plastic glasses passed right though me.  It was such a treat to eat the bread that I tried to eat his glasses again.  This time he was wise to me and he stopped me before I could crew and swallow them.  I spared Danny Boy this story, because I did not want to give him ideas like I got which lead to crewing on stairs, shoes, baseboards, and Bluetooth Headsets, just to name a few.

Back to the story of Danny Boy.  My Mr took a video of you.  Here is the link to the video on You Tube.

Danny Boy and all you other dogs must send me your comments about how you managed your humans.  Well, that is all from the Dog Run for now because we have snow to play in outside.  Happy New Year! 

Rudy in New Boots from the Dog Run

Rudy in New Boots from the Dog Run

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