Another New Puppy on the Block

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Danny Boy 122709

It happened again, there is another new puppy on the block.  Yippee!  He is a little German Shepherd Puppy-Dog.

I just met him last Sunday December 27th.  His name is Danny Boy and he is a long hair German Shepherd Dog.   Anyway, he was so happy because he was out tracking in the snow with his big sister Morgan.  He was only 9 1/2 weeks old, but he wanted to learn how to use his nose like his sister and all his new German Shepherd friends.  Our GSD pack will take him under our wings and get him started on the right path, for tracking that is.

He told me that he likes his new home and sister.  They have all been very nice to him and they pay lots of attention to his every need.  His Mrs is a great trainer for dogs and his Mr likes to watch over him, keep him warm, and talk to him in the car. 

He asked me what he should do around the new house, so I gave him a hint;  chew on EVERYTHING and blame it on cutting your new teeth.  He thought about and said he thinks it would be easy for him to get away with it, because he is so fluffy and cute.  I said, ”Oh Danny Boy, you have a lot to learn.”  Those soft cuddly ears and almond eyes will only get you so far with your Mrs.  She expects you will take to the field like a Champion GSD with tracking and obedience training.  I am sure you will too.  

What I did not tell him was all the things I did as a puppy.  I eat his glasses.  Why, I do not know, other than he had them close to his eyes which I loved and love to look at.  I get so many cues from his eyes.  Do they know that we read eyes?  I do not think so.  I ate half a plastic lens.  I came out the next day with no problems,  but my Mr took me to the vet to see if I needed an operation.  Thank goodness I did not.  The Vet, I like her because she knows all about us GSD, said ‘feed him bread, it is soft and will encapsulate it while it passes’.  It worked and the plastic glasses passed right though me.  It was such a treat to eat the bread that I tried to eat his glasses again.  This time he was wise to me and he stopped me before I could crew and swallow them.  I spared Danny Boy this story, because I did not want to give him ideas like I got which lead to crewing on stairs, shoes, baseboards, and Bluetooth Headsets, just to name a few.

Back to the story of Danny Boy.  My Mr took a video of you.  Here is the link to the video on You Tube.

Danny Boy and all you other dogs must send me your comments about how you managed your humans.  Well, that is all from the Dog Run for now because we have snow to play in outside.  Happy New Year! 

Rudy in New Boots from the Dog Run

Rudy in New Boots from the Dog Run

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Rudy Shepherd GSD plays with Beau the Tabby Cat

Rudy here. 

I share this house with my humans and 2 cat brothers.  They are gray Tabby Cats.  They lived here before I was born.  They are 13 years old and I am 2 years and 9 months.  That is a big difference but they are in good shape. 

Clancy Cat is one fat cat.  He thinks he rules the place.  At one point when I was a puppy, I used to think that too!   He would charge me and hiss.  Then he would give me the evil eye.  He threw punches and even stuck out his tongue at me!    Then, I learned he could not hurt me.  HE IS A PUSSY CAT!    A big pussy cat that thinks HE is dominate.  When he punched me he batted at my nose with his paw.  It felt like a little soft teddy bear paw or rabbits paw.  I got wise and just winked at him.  We have an understanding now.  I let them all ”think” I am afraid of them and play …dumb like a fox or maybe a wolf. 

The skinny cat is named Beau Cat, short for Beauregard.  And is a fine looking cat.  He likes to go outside even though he is an inside cat.  I often  wonder, “where was my little kitty friend Beauregard?”  One day he was gone and I was frantic.  Then they both asked me, “where’s Beauregard Rudy?”   I sprung into action and used my nose.  I have a great sniffer, and I am have a Track Dog Title from AKC.   Once again Beau, the little guy, decided to go out to play in the yard.   He just wanted to play with my big red ball I think, or go criddering for Chipmunks.  I found him by the wood pile under a big hosta bush.  In went my nose and out came his paw trying to punch me.   I showed my people where to find li’l Beau, he  scooped him up, and put him inside.  Then my Mr. gave me a treat.

Now we have learned to PLAY inside together.  Yes, PLAY together.  Beau and I have a tag game that is hard to describe.  Luckily, my Mr. took a video of me and Beau in action so you can see for yourself.  All of you dogs out there should try this.  It is great exercise on winter days.

Here is the link:

Clancy does not like to play, but Beau and I play everyday.   It is so much fun.

Keep up with your exercise.  Well, that’s all for now from the Dog Run.  

Oh, wait, before I go, I have to Wish you a Merry Christmas.  They got me some new boot to protect my feet from the salt used on snow, but more about that in my next article.

Rudy in New Boots from the Dog Run

Rudy in New Boots from the Dog Run

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My Dog IS My Shepherd

Snoop’in Rudy

I can’t help snooping!

Rudy Here.  I know, I am not supposed to be a snoop, but I found this poem in his printer.  At least he uses a PC vs. writing things down on paper. Save a tree and type, spell check for this guy is a must and he needs a proof reader.  She is really good at it and helps him a lot with that.

Anyway, I think the poem is about me?  Wow, I must mean a lot to these people.  I joined them when I was 10 weeks old on June 1st 2007.  It seems so long ago.  I weighed 26 pounds then and now I have grown into my paws and weigh 88 pounds at 21 months. 

Here is a picture of me on day one.  See me smiling.  They said I was soooo cute.  Doesn’t she look happy?  I was because I was out side on their patio, in the warm spring air, in the shade and nibbling on violets.  I came to find out that THIS WAS MY DOG RUN.  All for me??  What a gift from heaven, good folks that feed me 3 times a day and my own Dog Run.  It is great.  I have grass and trees and plants and sticks; and there are those two Cat Brothers for entertainment – Beau and Clancy.  I did miss my mom and bothers, but I did not miss all those other dogs that barked all the time.  They were replaced by hisses from the Cat Brothers.  I want to play, they say no way!  More on that subject later.

My first day in the Dog Run

My first day in the Dog Run

I still hear them talking to me a lot: Rudy I love you, Rudy you are sooo cute, Rudy dogs the quality dogs are best, etc. So here is a point to my dog pals out there – If you want them to say things like this to you then HAM IT UP.  Look cute, attentive, point out when something is wrong, and most of all – SMILE.   However, I do have my High Energy Moments and sometime High Energy Days.  What the heck, I come from a long line of High Drive German Shepherd Dogs.  I am not a lap dog! 

When I want a snack, I get into something interesting and they say “Leave It” followed with a treat.  They say “Off” when I jump on the countertops in the food room, he says “OFF” when I am jumping happy to see him when he comes home from work, and when I bark at things they say “Thank you”.  What is wrong with that?  What are they spoil sports?  It is my job to have fun, bark at strangers and keep the things in our Dog Run in there and keep all other things out of the Dog Run.   I am just a dog that wants to do my job and have fun doing it!  

To my Dog Pals out there: Please make sure you post your comments and stories after you read this article.  If you have stories about Long Gone Dogs, then post them in the Memories section.   We should all think about our cousins and families that need Dog Tips.

Now here is his poem I found.  I think they do appreciate me and love me.  What do you think?

“My Dog IS My Shepherd”


February 19, 2008

My dog IS my shepherd,

I have no wants;

He teaches me to play in green pastures.

His lead and his collar are beside me;

His regal and graceful moves they comfort me.

He truly has cleared my mind,

As enthusiasm overflows.

Surely his goodness and grace will follow me

All the days of our lives;

And live in our hearts for ever.

Rudy in Dog Run

Is he talking about ME?   I think so.

That all for now from the Dog Run!

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My Name is Rudy!

My Name is Rudy

Rudy here.  This story is about how I got my name or names.

His mom got a puppy in the fall just before she first went to college at the University of Illinois.  The dog was a Cocker Spaniel, reddish color, and was named Ike ( I – Key) after General Dwight D. Eisenhower.  When she came back for Christmas break, the dog was not her’s but was her mothers.  Ike was a great dog I hear. He lived on a farm and got to run without a leash all day long. Can you imagine a complete farm as a Dog Run!

As it turns out many years later, I came along in my mom’s 9th litter.  The breeder liked to have puppies named per the American Kennel Club registration (AKC) with a letter that corresponded to alphabetically to the number.  I was named with the 9th letter or I.  He named me Ike after that first dog he knew when he was a small child and his mom’s or mom’s mom’s dog.  They use the “Call Name” of “Rudy” for me, but my official name is Ike von der Neuen Welt, which translated means Ike (Eisenhower) of the New World.  How appropriate to be a German Shepherd in the United States of America and to be named after a US General and President that was of German ancestry like me.  He who won World War II for the United States of America vs Germany!  What a small world it is.

Here is the story I found on his desk that his mother wrote:

“Ike was born October 14, 1952 on Dwight D. Eisenhower’s birthday.  Within a month Eisenhower would be elected president of the United States.

Mom and I first met Ike at my best friend’s home when I was home on Thanksgiving vacation (1952) from my first year of college at the University of Illinois.  It was arranged that we would get Ike when I was home for Christmas vacation.  I don’t remember much discussion about naming him but he was named after our new president, as my mother was a great admirer of Eisenhower.  When I got home for semester break at the end of January, Ike was no longer my dog, he was my mother’s dog and remained her dog.  She said that when she got up early in the morning they would sit in a rocking chair and rock until everyone else got up.

Mom & Dad moved in the spring of 1954 to the farm north of Francis Park east of Kewanee.  At one point after the move Ike was missing.  Horrors of horrors!!!  I don’t remember if they advertised or saw an advertisement in the newspaper.  Anyway a couple picked him up when they saw him as he was going his merry way back toward Bradford and the farm they had moved from.  (Sound familiar.)  Since he was friendly and had tags on they knew he had to belong to someone.  His escapade ended happily back home at his new home.

Ike the Cocker in the Truck

Ike the Cocker in the Truck

Mom was a Registered Nurse.  She worked at the hospital in Kewanee and later for Dr. Giltner in Sheffield.  Ike didn’t like it when she got dressed in her white dress, shoes and hose.  Mom was a purist as far as her uniform, which was all white in the 50’s complete with the mid-heel white oxford shoes.  (You might say they would comparable to the comfortable SAS shoes that women of a certain age wear today.)  She would sometimes wear those shoes with her street clothes and no white hose.  Ike knew the difference.  He knew she might be staying home.  He didn’t like for her to be gone.

He didn’t like those shoes.  When he had a chance he would get those shoes and either chew on them or hide them.

Mom did some sewing for herself, Dad, Carol and Elaine.  (Edie was married and I was in school and later married.)  While she would cut out the clothes, Ike would sit on a dining room chair, watch her, and cock his head as if he knew everything about what she was doing.  Mom said he was a lot of company.

Since he didn’t like for Mom & Dad to be gone he had his little tricks.  He would eat almost everything that Mom would eat including lettuce, which doesn’t seem like something that a dog would like.  One night when Mom & Dad went to bed Dad put his hand under his pillow to get comfortable.  Something felt strange.  There under Dad’s pillow were pancakes left over from that morning’s breakfast.

It seems like I heard that he hid some car keys at one point.  I think he liked to go with Dad in the truck and probably would have gone with them in the car although I don’t think they took him too much.

Bradford had a Labor Day parade and festivities in the 50’s.  It had to have been Labor Day of 1953 that we decorated Elaine’s bicycle with a window on her basket. A sign said, “How much is that doggy in the window?”  The doggy in the window was a song that was popular at that time. Ike went completely nuts when we got him in town for the parade.  He didn’t want to stay in the bicycle basket and kept barking at all the people. He was used to the farm with just his family and not all the commotion that goes on in town let alone all the extra people that come to town for a parade and festival.  We didn’t realize that we should have taken him to town several times to prepare him for his big day.

Ike liked most people.  Dad had several different hired men over the years.  There was one young man that Ike didn’t like and everyone knew it. It turned out this guy was the one that had been taking gas from Dad’s gas tank and maybe even took some tires.  Ike would have been the only one at home when he took these things.

When the grandchildren came along, Ike seemed to know that he should go to the basement and stay out of their way.  He was probably more than a little jealous of all the attention those little kids got.  After all if they weren’t there, he would be getting the attention.

I’ll check these things with my sister, maybe she will remember more things.

Love Mom”

Isn’t that a nice story, she does write very nicely. I think that is were he gets it from.

Oh, the picture was retouched by his niece Katie.  She is really good at it because she is in high school.  The older ones are not as good at such things or they do not have the software.  Thank goodness she does because the old picture needed help and she did it.

Did I mention that these people must really love me?  (I hope your people do too.)  I have an official AKC registered name of Ike von der Neuen Welt, the have a “Call Name” of “Rudy” and sometimes they call me Boo Boo.  It gets confusing but it does help to increase my vocabulary. I answer to all of them and always for FOOD.  I know how to hear and spell breakfast, lunch, snack, treat, and dinner.  They know it too.  I am not a picky eater, but more on that in another story.

Rudy in Dog Run

 Really, it means a lot to me to be named after his mom’s dog. I hear them talking about him. Ike the Cocker had the run of the farm. When they arrived for a visit he was the first to meet them when they got out of the car. He was always on the watch. Once he knew them, he would wag his tail and jump around to greet them because he knew there were 8 more hands to pet and scratch him. When my Mr. went outside, Ike was always following him to keep him out of trouble. They would walk with Mr.’s Grandfather who was doing chores every morning and night; watering and feeding the livestock. When that was done they would go play in the hay mound or another shed like the old chicken coop or tool garage. After a long day in the summer they would sleep under a shady maple tree. In the winter, they would go inside to nap.

I like to do both with my Mr.  We have a lot of fun, no matter what name he calls me.  The Mrs. wanted to call me Rudy and thus, My name is Rudy!


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Now Im a Video Sensation! That’s what they think!

Toddles The Scottie Terrior

Toddles the Scottie DogLet me show you a picture of a little boy called Jackie who grew up to be a young soldier called John and who, at an early age, learned what it meant to be responsible when you sign up for the service to take care of another.

My Dad My Dad

It was in the early 1930’s and money was in short supply, Jackie wanted to help at home.  He thought he could earn enough to pay the dime for his milk money for his lunch at school. That is when he came up with the idea of starting a dog walking service.  His neighbors worked all day and they had a Scottie
Dog named “Toddles.”  Perfect!

Everything was going well.  Jackie was feeling good about his new job. That is until the afternoon when his friend threw him a new baseball.  He dropped the leash to go after the ball and before he knew it Jackie was chasing the dog instead of the ball.  That was the very day that he learned the lesson that was to stay with him through the rest of his life. He learned the meaning of responsibility.

A few years later he was called into a service that was to protect his country and that same feeling that he had had when he was a boy with the responsibility for the care of a little dog he took with him into the service of his nation.

Well done, soldier!

My Soldier Dad


Walking in Boots in my Dog Run! Muttluk Dog Booties? Cool.

These BOOTs are made for Walk’in

Look at my walkin boots for Rootin Tootin Rudy

Look at my walkin boots for Rootin Tootin Rudy

It is winter again (my 2nd) and I love the snow and cold temperatures. Who doesn’t love rolling and pushing your chin and neck through the snow? However, that stuff they put on the streets so the cars can go fast in freezing snow rain and ice!  It hurts my paws.  I try to tell them by licking, and chewing on my paws that I want their attention to this matter.  I need assistance!  Ice salt is bad for tender dog feet.  I did not think they even got it until I wretched on the carpet!  They hate that.  So he talked to his brother “the chemist” who said that ice melting stuff has poisons in it, maybe even a cyanide element in the blue tinted stuff on our streets.  So why do they put it on the icy streets to help the cars go faster past me and him when we have no place to walk due to the deep snow banks long the road?  Some don’t even slow down while we are running to the next driveway!  Don’t they notice that many of the Dog Runs in our town don’t have side walks?

He was smart.  He went online and looked it up at The Animal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals web site.  They have an Animal Poison Control Center site:

There is an article about toxic things and it lists under the High toxicity: (potential for very serious or life-threatening signs) the ice melt products used on streets, driveways and sidewalks.  They may contain several common ingredients in most commercially available ice melt products, including sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium salts and urea.  All of these can make us dogs sick.  I suggest you have them go read the article. Or have them read my post at the The Animal Poison Control Center was every important to them when I grabbed her pill box, quickly chewed on it and ate several pills.  They found out from the Vet at the hotline that what I ate was not going kill me.  Suits me, I did not have to have my stomach pumped out.  Have them write down this number 1-888-426-4435.  There is a $60 consultation fee which buys you 24 hour service and a record that you vet can access on the poison issues.  Listen up, my Buds, they may not understand so please try to get their attention by barfing on their favorite carpet.

Let’s move on to the rest of the story.

You know I hate clothes on me, but that is just what they got me.  Dog Boots…Boots for Dogs! Boots, BOOTS with Velcro straps.  First they got Extreme All Weather Boots by Signature Fashion Pet Collection with red and silver reflective tops and black leather pads. The second set of boots are All Weather MuttLuks.  They are yellow with black leather soles and toes.  They are very durable and made in Canada where I hear from my wolf friends that they get lots of snow.

Loving My New Dog Boots!

Loving My New Dog Boots!

It took a while before I got used to the boots.  He first put them on my rear feet.  I was not used to them and I high stepped it like I was walking on hot coals.  He laughed and laughed. Thanks buddy, I’ll remember you when you’re asleep some night. 

When he put them on the front feet, my dew claw snagged on the cuff.  I was OK once he figured that out he had to roll the cuff down and put his thumb on my dew claw as he inserted my foot into the boot.  We went for a walk and I kicked off a boot.  He put it on again, and we walked until I could kick another boot off.  He would not take the hint and put that boot back on too.  After about an hour and 8 kick offs, he pulled the Velcro Strap tighter and we made it home.

Can't wait to kick up my Heels in my new Boots


These Boots were made for Walk’in and that’s just what I’ll do’ tra la la– in them.  Well, I did until I was wearing the Red Boots, and I lost my precious dog boot. It came off in the snow along the road as I was looking for a place to empty my bladder.  All of a sudden a city snowplow turned the corner and buried it under a huge splash of snow. No matter, I winked at him and he understood that we would look for it when the snow melts.  How do you like that?

Now I am used to the boots and they do protect me feet from that Rock Salt and all the poison chemicals.  I lick less and hardly chew and scratch at my paws at all.  I like the yellow Muttluks the best because of the leather toes.  I give them 2 Dew Claws Up and recommend them to every one. However, I wouldn’t mind trying out some others again.  It is annoying because they are like clothes (you know how I feel about that), but I don’t feel sick now.  I just wish he would hurry up in the morning when I have to go! 

Walk’in is what we do, every morning and night. He is good to me, I hope yours are to you.  Send me your comments, OK?

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Dog Tracking – Feets, Treats and Articles of Tracking

Rudy here.  Did we have fun last Friday?  We when to a county park in the country and met up with people and other dogs for the sole purpose of following a Track laid by this cool lady that loves to teach our owner how to let us use our noses!  What a concept! 

She is a cool trainer lady because wants me to wander around and sniff. That strict old man obedience trainer that I had twice always told me to stop wandering and sniffing.  He tells my Mr. to snap my correction collar, ouch. What fun is that? Given our own devices, we would be out sniffing all day long.  After all, for all us dogs, our nose is one of the major ways we get information.  I can see many things through my nose including people, animals, or things that were where my nose is now.

According to the American Kennel Club, or AKC, we can smell 100,000 times better than people can.  That is OK with me, I need my job and if they can’t do it I will!  Just pay attention to what I want to do and let me do it. It is that simple for you, I will do the rest.  If I wonder too far from the track then encourage me back to where I should be.  Ok, I am open to suggestions if it helps me to improve my Tracking Skills.  

Here is what the cool trainer lady did to prepare the TD or Tracking Dog track, aged 30 minutes prior to letting any dog sniff and follow it.

1. She walked around in the snow making sure she changed direction 90 degrees 3 to 5 times.
2. She left treats along the trail to encourage us dogs to smell the trail even more.
3. She left articles along the trail with treats on top so we could touch the article with our nose and get rewards including the treat and praise from him.  Encouragement really motivates me!
4. At the end of the 440 to 500 yard trail, she left the last article (a leather wallet) with a treat on it.  When I found that one it was a jackpot of encouragement!

Feets and Treats on the Article

Feets and Treats on the Article

Here is what they did next.  I was willing to go sniff and follow the track, but they left me in the car.  At least it was cool since it is winter.  I have my best fur coat on so no worries.

The lady with the a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) went first because they had a party to go to.  Next the Rottweiler went. 

Rottweiler makes the Final Turn

Rottweiler makes the Final Turn

Then my friend Suzzie the GSD went with my Mr.’s friend from the Training Club for German Shepherd Dogs. 

Suzzie on Track and on the Trail!

Suzzie on Track and on the Trail!

Finally, they gave me a chance and I was able to see for my self what they had been doing while I was cooped up in the car. 

First, the cool trainer lady petted me and gave me treats.  She said it is important for me to get comfortable with her smell, no problem, I like ladies. 

Smelling the trainer and the feets

Smelling the Trainer and the Feet

Smelling the Trainer and the Feet

Since my Mr., his friend, and cool trainer lady had walked the track several times, I was able to do what I do best, sniff the track.  The hot dogs slices helped too. 

Fast on the track

Fast on the Track

Fast on the Track

When I found the articles, they had treats there too!  I made the turns with a little coaching from them. 

Made the turn.

Made the Turn

Made the Turn

Finally I made it to the end and found the wallet and the treats. 

Almost to the end.

Almost to the end

Almost to the end

End of Track.

End of the Track

End of the Track

Article Found with a Treat

Found Article with Merrick Lamb Training Treats

Found Article with Merrick Lamb Training Treats

They made a big deal out of it.  He gave me Merrick’s dried Lamb Treats and praised me a lot.  I guess I hammed it up by jumping around and fetching the wallet they threw in the snow.  Fun, Fun, Fun! 

Fun as a Reward, fetching the Article (1808)

Fetching the Article!  Fun is its Own Reward.

Fetching the Article! Fun is its Own Reward.

Thanks! By the way, I can smell the treats in your pocket!

Thanks!  By the Way, I can Smell the Treats in your Pocket!

Thanks! By the Way, I can Smell the Treats in your Pocket!

As we walked back to the start, I followed the rest of the trail taken by the ones before me.  I even found the two places where articles had been for them practicing the longer TDX or Tracking Dog Excellent trail.  So I heard them say I did great for my first time.  What did they expect?  After all, it was me that found Beau the Cat under a bush in the yard in seconds flat when they left all the doors open and then asked where Beau was!  I have a nose that knows things.  We just need to get the Mr. trained so he knows what to do.

Feets, Treats and Articles make the trail go round and back to the starting point.  We are definitely going out again next week.  Have you tried tracking?

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I had Dog Cryptorchidism and was Neutered and had my Undescended Testicle Removed

My Operation  11/28/08


What is with these people?  They took me to the vet and had me neutered!

I mean I saw all of them that have taken care of my health issues.  They are all good to me.  I just wish they had told me what neutering meant!  I was so happy to be there until I figured it out. One of them is really my buddy, but I think he was in on the conspiracy to have me fixed!  Was I broken?  No, but I thought I would be broken hearted after I lost my doghood.  That one walked me and talks to me. That one, was the one that was with me during the operation with Dr.  They both were great and I still like them. You are going to do what?

When I got there, I had one testicle hanging down. I thought that was normal. How was I to know there was another testicle inside me! They were calling it cryptorchidism.  Well, I found out after the operation, because I have two, count them, TWO incisions!   Now all I have is my pee pee or to be more clinically descriptive my dog penis down there.

The first day after the operation, I was out-of-it.  Whatever they gave me, made me tipsy and sleepy.  And I was in real pain when those drugs wore off. It hurt to jump out of the car.  I can’t run, jump, play red ball or anything.  I wanted to clean things up and they would not let me.  They had this big plastic cone shaped collar they were going put on me. 

 Thank goodness they had the common dog sense not to try it.  I would have gotten caught on all the furniture and really hurt myself. 

So, guess what they did?  They put a human pair of boxer shorts on me.  Hah, I could push them off with no trouble.  Then the Mr. put a tee shirt on me.  You know how I feel about clothes – I don’t like them!   They put my hind legs through the bottom of the shirt and out through each arm and pushed my tail through the neck area. they think this will work?Then, he tired a knot in the bottom of the shirt on top of my back, wrapped a line around the knot, looped the line through my collar, and clipped the ends together with a carabiner.  I felt like a trussed turkey at Thanksgiving, hey it was Thanksgiving.

Well, as if that was not enough, my GI track gave out on me.  The operation was on Monday and I got diarrhea on Tuesday night.  I had to go every two hours on the mark until Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) night.  Poor Mr. had to listen to me whine and bark.  He was great at taking me out just in time; I never once went in the house.  The only problem was neither of us got any sleep.  They are my best friends.  I slept next to him each night with a leash on my collar.  If I had to go, he got up and took me.  During the day, he was by my side and took me then too.

He, also, took me to the vet again, twice.  Like I have had enough of that place for my life time. And what was on the wall but a Nestle’ Purina Fecal Scoring System Chart with seven pictures and definitions to classify poop!  I did not need to be reminded I had diarrhea and it is a number SEVEN on the chart!

Fecal Scoring?  Who has the Winning Poop?

Well, that’s my story of Thanksgiving.  It really is a day to be thankful.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.
I feel so much better.  They said that dogs with undescended testicles can have troubles later, this can include potential cancer.  It is important to go the dog doctor.  Remember, they will take care of you.
Now I can Smile!

Now I can Smile!

Memories of Dickens and the Moon!

I can’t help snooping!

Rudy Here.  I know I am not supposed to be a snoop, but I found the old one’s diary (paper-can you imagine).  This was an entry about my cousin Dickens.  He is long deceased.  I hear them talking about him a lot.  As I look at him I wonder, “what kind of dog is he”.   Handwritten diaries were the thing back then.  Too bad they didn’t have a blogs to share important thoughts and stories.

To my Dog pals: do you have any stories about Dogs that are long gone?  We should all think about our cousins and families.

        Seeing the moon in a new light, June 1972
There was no doubt about me being tired. I had worked
hard all week and was looking forward to spending a
quiet weekend up at the lake.

After I had unloaded the car, fixed a light snack, I
was ready for a good night of sleep. In no time I was
Fast asleep, when I became aware that a tiny paw was
scratching at my bedside.

I was more than irritated with this little creature that
had interrupted my sleep and was indicating a strong
desire to go outside.

OK, have it your way I said as we stumbled down the path
and walked out on the pier over the water. He stopped
at and sat down and looked up at me as if to say I have
something important to share with you. I looked at him
in disbelief, and thought to myself you must be crazy to
be out here in the dark, this late at night, having a talk
with a little dog.

He turned from me and in a silent pose, started to
stare up at a big golden orb in the night sky. I looked
up and was overcome with the beauty of the sight. That
night as we lingered in mutual admiration with a shared
experience I saw what I had been too busy to look at

Even now, years later, I can not look at a full moon
and not remember that little dog and the lesson
he taught me that night.