I am a Country Dog Training the People with Friend Penny

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Rudy Goes Country with Penny

Rudy here.  Today I went to the country home of my girl friend Penny.  She is lucky.  Her Mr. and Ms. have a country home on 80 acres.  It is near a creek for splashes in the summer and farm fields for running in the winter.  All year round there is a forested meadow for fun and romping.

It was so much fun I did not want to go home. He was upset with me when I would not come to him or get into the car.

Maybe it was because of the fresh country air. 

Dogs love Fresh Air

Us Dogs love Fresh Air

Or maybe it was because I was not on a leash and had no fences. 
Freedom!   I have been a prisoner for 18 months.

Free to Be a Free Dog

Free to Be a Free Dog

Or maybe I just loved the place because I could chase my Jolly Ball (Red Ball) and Chuck It Balls for a long time without anyone else bothering me. 

Love my Chuckit Ball

Love my Chuckit Ball

Or maybe I got in touch with my inner feelings?  Or with my genetic programming as a German Shepherd Dog:  fields of grass, the trees, hey – where are the sheep?

I loved it and hope my Mr. and Ms. buy me one too.

Some of you may ask, “What do you do when you don’t want to go home?”  That is a simple question for me to answer.  Just go back to the same spot you like and sit down.

Rudy the Country Dog

Rudy the Country Dog

When they call you, chomp on your Chuck It Ball!  Ignore them, practice Un – Obedience!  That is the art of you winning vs them winning. I keep out of reach.  I trot away with he approaches, when he runs towards me than I run away, but not too far, just out of reach.  It makes them crazy.

But he got to me when he got in the car, shut the door, started the engine and put it in reverse.  I got really concerned because I did not want to be left in a place I had never been to before.  Where would I get food and water? 

What did I do?  I walked behind our car as he backed up.  Now I am not sure that was a good idea because he could have run over me.  I won’t do that again.

He shut off the car and got out walking towards me.  Out of habit, I went the other way.  He turned his back on me, I hate that.  Not playing is one thing, but IGNORING me is totally a different thing.  I demand Attention!

He walked out of sight behind a parked camper.  I walked around the other way.  I looked around the corner and he was not there.  I looked around the next corner and he was not there.  I looked around one more corner and there he was.  Before I could move he threw me a treat, and then another and another.  I am a sucker for Merrick’s Lamb Training Treats.  So I ate one, then another, and another.  By the time I got to his hand, I surrendered and took the treat from his hand as he clip a leash on me.  That’s OK.  I got treats and he got me.  I did not want to be left behind and he wouldn’t do it anyway. 

Merrick Lamb Training Treats are a must for training in either in the city or the country.  Now I am at home with the Ms. and Cat Brothers.  I think they missed me during these last 2 day.  The hissing is a dull roar.  The Ms. is super happy now.  All I can say is that Penny taught me that the country is great, but there is no place like home at my own dog run.

Please make comments to this and let me know how you get them to do what you want them to do and their reactions.  OK?

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