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Baltazar the Great Dane Protects Josephine

Baltazar the Great Dane Protects Josephine

Hello.  Its Rudy from the Dog Run again!

Finding out about dogs from the past and present is one of my
favorite things to do.  What I have learned from these histories and
memories–is that it doesn’t matter where the dogs go or where they are
or where they have been.  The dogs I learn about at the dog run are always
in someone’s memory.

Today, I learned about a very special dog.  I found a very old photograph from
the turn of the 20th century.  There is a little girl and a very big dog in the picture.
I had to learn more.  I found the photo in a very old treasure chest made out of cedar wood.

There were pictures and books and beautiful linens in the chest.  Would there be a clue?
I took the picture and I left it on the table near the dog run.  I figured that someone would
find it and start talking about it.  I was right.  What great information.  I learned about
a beautiful story that answered many questions.

Who is the little girl?  Who is the big dog?  The little girl seems self-assured and shows no fear of
the world or the big dog that towers over her.

They talked.  I learned the story.

The little girl’s name was Josephine.  This was a popular name near the turn of the
century. She looked pretty in her dress with mutton sleeves.  Her hair was cut shoulder length because
she liked to have freedom from all the fussiness of the victorian era.

The dog’s name was Baltazar.  When I look at him I realize that he has a very keen expression on his
face with clear eyes.  He sits proudly next to the girl.  He is a regal king of a dog.  He is
a Great Dane!  What a big dog!  What a little girl.

I went to Google.  Yes, the dog run has access to laptops and Google.  I found many listings for Baltazar.  What did this name mean?  Why would he be named Baltazar.

My research showed that Baltazar was one of the three kings of the orient that so many have learned about through reading Christmas stories. 

The actual name Baltazar means “protection”.

Later, after I was fed, I sat by the dining room table.  My tummy was full.  I was dreaming of a big steak.  Then they told a story.

Little Josephine went out for her daily walk to the butcher shop.  Baltazar walked along side of  her.  She never needed a leash for Baltazar.  He heeled by her side all the way.  That day, she went in for a package of sausages.  She left Baltazar by the door and he waited.  On the way home she came across another dog, a mean looking hound.  The hound sniffed out the sausages, and then made eye contact with Josephine and Baltazar.  Baltazar looked him straight in the eye.  The hound then became  squimish and turned away.  Baltazar, the King Protector, had saved Josephine and the sausages. When they got home, Baltazar was rewarded by getting his own plate of sausage, mashed potatoes and apple sauce!

Josephine was so proud of Baltazar and she knew that she would never be scared of anyone hurting her again.

I am so happy to learn about Baltazar and Josephine. The dogs in the dog run loved me telling them about this story and sharing the picture I found.  I hope that they can tell stories about what they find in old cedar chests too.

Can you snoop around and find some stories to send me?



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