Halloween Humiliation

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Yesterday, I looked at all the children that came to my door asking for candy.  I know what it is like to ask for a treat now and then.  In fact, I enjoy working for treats.  I like cookies, bits of chicken, and peanut butter.

When I think of Halloween I want to be in my Dog Run.  I will bark and bark.  I refuse to wear a costume.  Why do they think it is cool to dress me up?  Or any of my canine friends.  It is humiliating.  I don’t know what that word means but it sounds bad.  Does the humil part have anything to do with tying to make me human?  I don’t want to be human.  They dress up.  They put on costumes to pretend to be something they are not.  I just want to be a DOG!  Keep the rabitt ears away from me.

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