Hey! Dogs can make Snow Angels too!

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Snow, Snow, Snow – I love the Snow 

Rudy here.  Did I ever mention to you that I LOVE the snow?  It is my favorite time of year.  When that white stuff falls, I get really excited and can’t wait for them to open the door so I can go play in it. My favorite is making snow angels.  Here is how to do it for those of you that live in sunny warm climate and just don’t know.

1. Lay down on your stomach and neck

Dog stylistic snow angle

Doggie stylistic snow angel

2. Point your chin straight out

This is going to be a work of Dog Art

This is going to be a work of Dog Art

3. Move it from side to side to leave the angels Halo in the Snow

4. As an option, roll on your back and wiggle all around to make a wider base for the snow angel.

There you Have a Dog-made perfect Snow Angel

There you Have a Dog-made perfect Snow Angel

It is that simple.  I get cooled of and I don’t itch as much.  Some time I just put my chin and neck down in the

snow with my butt in the air.  I push with my hind feet and legs, letting my front leg point towards my hind toes. 

This is great fun too.  Try it, you will like it.  When he shovels, I always try to catch the snow from his shovel.  There is a lot of it so proceed with caution and make sure you don’t get hit in the head because you get too excited via prey mode.  

I also Love Snow Cones!

I also Love Snow Cones!

The best time to make a snow cone is right after the snow has fallen.  You can do a lot with different flavorings.  However, I avoid the black and brown snow because it is full that Rock Salt they put on the roads.  Yuck!  It makes me sick and show be avoided at all costs.  If you did not see it, I wrote a story about it. the scoop on Boots see the story: “These BOOTs are made for Walk’in” here on my

Also, take some advice, ‘don’t you eat that yellow snow’.  I heard that on a Frank Zappa album.  It tastes bad, smells of another dogs and is to be left alone.   Making yellow snow is a good thing for me.  I just do it about every chance I get.  Learn to just do as they say and “Leave It! and don’t eat it!”

Got any tips on playing in the snow?  Send them to me and your comments, OK?

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One Response to “Hey! Dogs can make Snow Angels too!”
  1. Brent says:

    Rudy — Thank you for sharing your snow angel skills. That is the loveliest snow angel I’ve seen in years! What do you recommend if you don’t have a fur coat to keep you warm? I’d like to see you and the people you live with all making snow angels together! Better yet, let’s all make snow angels in Aspen!!

    See you soon,

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