I had Dog Cryptorchidism and was Neutered and had my Undescended Testicle Removed

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My Operation  11/28/08


What is with these people?  They took me to the vet and had me neutered!

I mean I saw all of them that have taken care of my health issues.  They are all good to me.  I just wish they had told me what neutering meant!  I was so happy to be there until I figured it out. One of them is really my buddy, but I think he was in on the conspiracy to have me fixed!  Was I broken?  No, but I thought I would be broken hearted after I lost my doghood.  That one walked me and talks to me. That one, was the one that was with me during the operation with Dr.  They both were great and I still like them. You are going to do what?

When I got there, I had one testicle hanging down. I thought that was normal. How was I to know there was another testicle inside me! They were calling it cryptorchidism.  Well, I found out after the operation, because I have two, count them, TWO incisions!   Now all I have is my pee pee or to be more clinically descriptive my dog penis down there.

The first day after the operation, I was out-of-it.  Whatever they gave me, made me tipsy and sleepy.  And I was in real pain when those drugs wore off. It hurt to jump out of the car.  I can’t run, jump, play red ball or anything.  I wanted to clean things up and they would not let me.  They had this big plastic cone shaped collar they were going put on me. 

 Thank goodness they had the common dog sense not to try it.  I would have gotten caught on all the furniture and really hurt myself. 

So, guess what they did?  They put a human pair of boxer shorts on me.  Hah, I could push them off with no trouble.  Then the Mr. put a tee shirt on me.  You know how I feel about clothes – I don’t like them!   They put my hind legs through the bottom of the shirt and out through each arm and pushed my tail through the neck area. they think this will work?Then, he tired a knot in the bottom of the shirt on top of my back, wrapped a line around the knot, looped the line through my collar, and clipped the ends together with a carabiner.  I felt like a trussed turkey at Thanksgiving, hey it was Thanksgiving.

Well, as if that was not enough, my GI track gave out on me.  The operation was on Monday and I got diarrhea on Tuesday night.  I had to go every two hours on the mark until Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) night.  Poor Mr. had to listen to me whine and bark.  He was great at taking me out just in time; I never once went in the house.  The only problem was neither of us got any sleep.  They are my best friends.  I slept next to him each night with a leash on my collar.  If I had to go, he got up and took me.  During the day, he was by my side and took me then too.

He, also, took me to the vet again, twice.  Like I have had enough of that place for my life time. And what was on the wall but a Nestle’ Purina Fecal Scoring System Chart with seven pictures and definitions to classify poop!  I did not need to be reminded I had diarrhea and it is a number SEVEN on the chart!

Fecal Scoring?  Who has the Winning Poop?

Well, that’s my story of Thanksgiving.  It really is a day to be thankful.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.
I feel so much better.  They said that dogs with undescended testicles can have troubles later, this can include potential cancer.  It is important to go the dog doctor.  Remember, they will take care of you.
Now I can Smile!

Now I can Smile!


6 Responses to “I had Dog Cryptorchidism and was Neutered and had my Undescended Testicle Removed”
  1. Kay Sire says:

    Well, Rudy, I must confess that I have never written to a dog before. I hope I will be able to communicate with you effectively! I found your Thanksgiving/neutering article pretty amusing. The poop chart was my favorite! I’m glad you’re feeling better now. I may need to have my gallbladder taken out sometime – are you available to coach me through the surgical recovery process?! I hope that you, Greg & Louisa all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  2. I loved this one…. Rudy you poor boy…the worst is over!

  3. Peppermint Patti says:

    Oh poor Rudy….. sorry to laugh, but what a story. You should write a book. Boy I learned alot. Poop chart. The last two are Suzzie with her EPI, mostly 2nd to the last. Welcome to my world, cow piles.
    Have a blessed Christmas and see you soon Rudy.

  4. e.m.richter says:

    Rudy, If you are feeling quite unmanly you might consider “Neuticles”. They are prostetic, uh, umm, yes, testicles. Made for dogs who are missing their uh, testicles. And I mean missing in every sense of the word.
    Ah, but then you’d probably have to wear that tee shirt again. Just keep repeating, “I am a manly man. A manly man am I.” All is perfect.

    Uncle Mark’s friend, Ellen

  5. Lenny the Lab says:

    Lenny asked me to say “Thank You!” for the t-shirt solution… he hopes it will keep him from licking at his neuter site and eventually the soreness will go away!

  6. PiterMcfersonz says:

    I’ll be honest: no one like when things like this materialize to them. So, I must tell this

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