Learning to Ride a Fabulous Schwinn Bike

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This is Rudy again.  I have been riding a bike lately.  Well, this maybe over stating this a bit.  Actually, I have been riding along side of those folks on their classic 5-speed, Schwinn, tandom bike.  It is a blast.  However, I wish they would go just a little bit faster!  I noticed that the one in the back likes to coast along without doing her share of the peddling.  I won’t tell anyone.  The bike is a beauty!.  It has a basket in front for water, and my favorite treats!  I can tell they love it too.  They have had it along time.  It has a sticker on it that says 1971.

Is that a long time?  For a dog they keep telling me that 1 year is equal to 7.  That means that the bike is terribly old.  I know that I will out run this thing.

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