My Dog IS My Shepherd

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Snoop’in Rudy

I can’t help snooping!

Rudy Here.  I know, I am not supposed to be a snoop, but I found this poem in his printer.  At least he uses a PC vs. writing things down on paper. Save a tree and type, spell check for this guy is a must and he needs a proof reader.  She is really good at it and helps him a lot with that.

Anyway, I think the poem is about me?  Wow, I must mean a lot to these people.  I joined them when I was 10 weeks old on June 1st 2007.  It seems so long ago.  I weighed 26 pounds then and now I have grown into my paws and weigh 88 pounds at 21 months. 

Here is a picture of me on day one.  See me smiling.  They said I was soooo cute.  Doesn’t she look happy?  I was because I was out side on their patio, in the warm spring air, in the shade and nibbling on violets.  I came to find out that THIS WAS MY DOG RUN.  All for me??  What a gift from heaven, good folks that feed me 3 times a day and my own Dog Run.  It is great.  I have grass and trees and plants and sticks; and there are those two Cat Brothers for entertainment – Beau and Clancy.  I did miss my mom and bothers, but I did not miss all those other dogs that barked all the time.  They were replaced by hisses from the Cat Brothers.  I want to play, they say no way!  More on that subject later.

My first day in the Dog Run

My first day in the Dog Run

I still hear them talking to me a lot: Rudy I love you, Rudy you are sooo cute, Rudy dogs the quality dogs are best, etc. So here is a point to my dog pals out there – If you want them to say things like this to you then HAM IT UP.  Look cute, attentive, point out when something is wrong, and most of all – SMILE.   However, I do have my High Energy Moments and sometime High Energy Days.  What the heck, I come from a long line of High Drive German Shepherd Dogs.  I am not a lap dog! 

When I want a snack, I get into something interesting and they say “Leave It” followed with a treat.  They say “Off” when I jump on the countertops in the food room, he says “OFF” when I am jumping happy to see him when he comes home from work, and when I bark at things they say “Thank you”.  What is wrong with that?  What are they spoil sports?  It is my job to have fun, bark at strangers and keep the things in our Dog Run in there and keep all other things out of the Dog Run.   I am just a dog that wants to do my job and have fun doing it!  

To my Dog Pals out there: Please make sure you post your comments and stories after you read this article.  If you have stories about Long Gone Dogs, then post them in the Memories section.   We should all think about our cousins and families that need Dog Tips.

Now here is his poem I found.  I think they do appreciate me and love me.  What do you think?

“My Dog IS My Shepherd”


February 19, 2008

My dog IS my shepherd,

I have no wants;

He teaches me to play in green pastures.

His lead and his collar are beside me;

His regal and graceful moves they comfort me.

He truly has cleared my mind,

As enthusiasm overflows.

Surely his goodness and grace will follow me

All the days of our lives;

And live in our hearts for ever.

Rudy in Dog Run

Is he talking about ME?   I think so.

That all for now from the Dog Run!

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