My Name is Rudy!

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My Name is Rudy

Rudy here.  This story is about how I got my name or names.

His mom got a puppy in the fall just before she first went to college at the University of Illinois.  The dog was a Cocker Spaniel, reddish color, and was named Ike ( I – Key) after General Dwight D. Eisenhower.  When she came back for Christmas break, the dog was not her’s but was her mothers.  Ike was a great dog I hear. He lived on a farm and got to run without a leash all day long. Can you imagine a complete farm as a Dog Run!

As it turns out many years later, I came along in my mom’s 9th litter.  The breeder liked to have puppies named per the American Kennel Club registration (AKC) with a letter that corresponded to alphabetically to the number.  I was named with the 9th letter or I.  He named me Ike after that first dog he knew when he was a small child and his mom’s or mom’s mom’s dog.  They use the “Call Name” of “Rudy” for me, but my official name is Ike von der Neuen Welt, which translated means Ike (Eisenhower) of the New World.  How appropriate to be a German Shepherd in the United States of America and to be named after a US General and President that was of German ancestry like me.  He who won World War II for the United States of America vs Germany!  What a small world it is.

Here is the story I found on his desk that his mother wrote:

“Ike was born October 14, 1952 on Dwight D. Eisenhower’s birthday.  Within a month Eisenhower would be elected president of the United States.

Mom and I first met Ike at my best friend’s home when I was home on Thanksgiving vacation (1952) from my first year of college at the University of Illinois.  It was arranged that we would get Ike when I was home for Christmas vacation.  I don’t remember much discussion about naming him but he was named after our new president, as my mother was a great admirer of Eisenhower.  When I got home for semester break at the end of January, Ike was no longer my dog, he was my mother’s dog and remained her dog.  She said that when she got up early in the morning they would sit in a rocking chair and rock until everyone else got up.

Mom & Dad moved in the spring of 1954 to the farm north of Francis Park east of Kewanee.  At one point after the move Ike was missing.  Horrors of horrors!!!  I don’t remember if they advertised or saw an advertisement in the newspaper.  Anyway a couple picked him up when they saw him as he was going his merry way back toward Bradford and the farm they had moved from.  (Sound familiar.)  Since he was friendly and had tags on they knew he had to belong to someone.  His escapade ended happily back home at his new home.

Ike the Cocker in the Truck

Ike the Cocker in the Truck

Mom was a Registered Nurse.  She worked at the hospital in Kewanee and later for Dr. Giltner in Sheffield.  Ike didn’t like it when she got dressed in her white dress, shoes and hose.  Mom was a purist as far as her uniform, which was all white in the 50’s complete with the mid-heel white oxford shoes.  (You might say they would comparable to the comfortable SAS shoes that women of a certain age wear today.)  She would sometimes wear those shoes with her street clothes and no white hose.  Ike knew the difference.  He knew she might be staying home.  He didn’t like for her to be gone.

He didn’t like those shoes.  When he had a chance he would get those shoes and either chew on them or hide them.

Mom did some sewing for herself, Dad, Carol and Elaine.  (Edie was married and I was in school and later married.)  While she would cut out the clothes, Ike would sit on a dining room chair, watch her, and cock his head as if he knew everything about what she was doing.  Mom said he was a lot of company.

Since he didn’t like for Mom & Dad to be gone he had his little tricks.  He would eat almost everything that Mom would eat including lettuce, which doesn’t seem like something that a dog would like.  One night when Mom & Dad went to bed Dad put his hand under his pillow to get comfortable.  Something felt strange.  There under Dad’s pillow were pancakes left over from that morning’s breakfast.

It seems like I heard that he hid some car keys at one point.  I think he liked to go with Dad in the truck and probably would have gone with them in the car although I don’t think they took him too much.

Bradford had a Labor Day parade and festivities in the 50’s.  It had to have been Labor Day of 1953 that we decorated Elaine’s bicycle with a window on her basket. A sign said, “How much is that doggy in the window?”  The doggy in the window was a song that was popular at that time. Ike went completely nuts when we got him in town for the parade.  He didn’t want to stay in the bicycle basket and kept barking at all the people. He was used to the farm with just his family and not all the commotion that goes on in town let alone all the extra people that come to town for a parade and festival.  We didn’t realize that we should have taken him to town several times to prepare him for his big day.

Ike liked most people.  Dad had several different hired men over the years.  There was one young man that Ike didn’t like and everyone knew it. It turned out this guy was the one that had been taking gas from Dad’s gas tank and maybe even took some tires.  Ike would have been the only one at home when he took these things.

When the grandchildren came along, Ike seemed to know that he should go to the basement and stay out of their way.  He was probably more than a little jealous of all the attention those little kids got.  After all if they weren’t there, he would be getting the attention.

I’ll check these things with my sister, maybe she will remember more things.

Love Mom”

Isn’t that a nice story, she does write very nicely. I think that is were he gets it from.

Oh, the picture was retouched by his niece Katie.  She is really good at it because she is in high school.  The older ones are not as good at such things or they do not have the software.  Thank goodness she does because the old picture needed help and she did it.

Did I mention that these people must really love me?  (I hope your people do too.)  I have an official AKC registered name of Ike von der Neuen Welt, the have a “Call Name” of “Rudy” and sometimes they call me Boo Boo.  It gets confusing but it does help to increase my vocabulary. I answer to all of them and always for FOOD.  I know how to hear and spell breakfast, lunch, snack, treat, and dinner.  They know it too.  I am not a picky eater, but more on that in another story.

Rudy in Dog Run

 Really, it means a lot to me to be named after his mom’s dog. I hear them talking about him. Ike the Cocker had the run of the farm. When they arrived for a visit he was the first to meet them when they got out of the car. He was always on the watch. Once he knew them, he would wag his tail and jump around to greet them because he knew there were 8 more hands to pet and scratch him. When my Mr. went outside, Ike was always following him to keep him out of trouble. They would walk with Mr.’s Grandfather who was doing chores every morning and night; watering and feeding the livestock. When that was done they would go play in the hay mound or another shed like the old chicken coop or tool garage. After a long day in the summer they would sleep under a shady maple tree. In the winter, they would go inside to nap.

I like to do both with my Mr.  We have a lot of fun, no matter what name he calls me.  The Mrs. wanted to call me Rudy and thus, My name is Rudy!


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