Oh boy! A New Puppy on the Block.

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Guess what.  I have a new friend.  Yippee!  He is a little German Shepherd Puppy-dog. 

I just met him today.  His name is Beau; the same name as my kitty friend.  Anyway, he is so happy and he is looking forward to tossing around a few tennis balls with me.  I will take him under my wing and get him off on the right path.

He told me that he has not yet had a chance to defecate on the beautiful carpet.  He thinks it would be easy to get away with it, because he is so damn cute.  “Oh Beau, you have a lot to learn.”  Those soft cuddly ears will only get you so far. 

Its funny when you hear it squish between their toes. But then, they’ll blame it on you, Beau.  What a dilemna!


2 Responses to “Oh boy! A New Puppy on the Block.”
  1. Beau says:

    Thanks Rudy,
    I was born on july 18th 2008 my pack leader Anna adopted me on September 14th. 2008. It’s been great being with her and stacey a three and a half year old German Shepherd Dog. I was just 13 pounds in September now I am almost 70 pounds. like most boy dogs I am very active and have a busy social life. I have done a lot of growing up in the past six months my friend Steve says one day I will be a real stud. I am not so sure about that I have herd that my doghood may be in question and I might get fixed? I didn’t think I was broken!
    Stacey and I love to bark at Mel the beagle next door he just moved i a few weeks ago he is kinda shy and gets sick from rawhide. Mel gave me some treats he got he got for Christmas but could not eat. I think I like Mel.
    I like to think I am a smart dog I can sit,down,come front,heal and touch on command,not bad for a puppy. Of course my abilities are the result of qualified instruction I train at a top quality training club and receive the best from my mentors. I hope i can earn a title this year like Rudy did last year. I am glad that it finally cooled off around here I was panting my head off with this thick fur coat and all. I am feeling a little scratchy and need to itch myself.
    I will bark at you later!
    P.S. I will send some new pictures, you won’t believe how big I am.

    Rudy thanks for giving me a voice you have done a great job with the Blog!

  2. Rudy says:

    You are welcome Beau. The dogrunblog is for all of us to share our comments and thought on out GSD and all breed dog friends. Send me the picture and I’ll post it.


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