Rudy Shepherd GSD plays with Beau the Tabby Cat

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Rudy here. 

I share this house with my humans and 2 cat brothers.  They are gray Tabby Cats.  They lived here before I was born.  They are 13 years old and I am 2 years and 9 months.  That is a big difference but they are in good shape. 

Clancy Cat is one fat cat.  He thinks he rules the place.  At one point when I was a puppy, I used to think that too!   He would charge me and hiss.  Then he would give me the evil eye.  He threw punches and even stuck out his tongue at me!    Then, I learned he could not hurt me.  HE IS A PUSSY CAT!    A big pussy cat that thinks HE is dominate.  When he punched me he batted at my nose with his paw.  It felt like a little soft teddy bear paw or rabbits paw.  I got wise and just winked at him.  We have an understanding now.  I let them all ”think” I am afraid of them and play …dumb like a fox or maybe a wolf. 

The skinny cat is named Beau Cat, short for Beauregard.  And is a fine looking cat.  He likes to go outside even though he is an inside cat.  I often  wonder, “where was my little kitty friend Beauregard?”  One day he was gone and I was frantic.  Then they both asked me, “where’s Beauregard Rudy?”   I sprung into action and used my nose.  I have a great sniffer, and I am have a Track Dog Title from AKC.   Once again Beau, the little guy, decided to go out to play in the yard.   He just wanted to play with my big red ball I think, or go criddering for Chipmunks.  I found him by the wood pile under a big hosta bush.  In went my nose and out came his paw trying to punch me.   I showed my people where to find li’l Beau, he  scooped him up, and put him inside.  Then my Mr. gave me a treat.

Now we have learned to PLAY inside together.  Yes, PLAY together.  Beau and I have a tag game that is hard to describe.  Luckily, my Mr. took a video of me and Beau in action so you can see for yourself.  All of you dogs out there should try this.  It is great exercise on winter days.

Here is the link:

Clancy does not like to play, but Beau and I play everyday.   It is so much fun.

Keep up with your exercise.  Well, that’s all for now from the Dog Run.  

Oh, wait, before I go, I have to Wish you a Merry Christmas.  They got me some new boot to protect my feet from the salt used on snow, but more about that in my next article.

Rudy in New Boots from the Dog Run

Rudy in New Boots from the Dog Run

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