Toddles The Scottie Terrior

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Toddles the Scottie DogLet me show you a picture of a little boy called Jackie who grew up to be a young soldier called John and who, at an early age, learned what it meant to be responsible when you sign up for the service to take care of another.

My Dad My Dad

It was in the early 1930’s and money was in short supply, Jackie wanted to help at home.  He thought he could earn enough to pay the dime for his milk money for his lunch at school. That is when he came up with the idea of starting a dog walking service.  His neighbors worked all day and they had a Scottie
Dog named “Toddles.”  Perfect!

Everything was going well.  Jackie was feeling good about his new job. That is until the afternoon when his friend threw him a new baseball.  He dropped the leash to go after the ball and before he knew it Jackie was chasing the dog instead of the ball.  That was the very day that he learned the lesson that was to stay with him through the rest of his life. He learned the meaning of responsibility.

A few years later he was called into a service that was to protect his country and that same feeling that he had had when he was a boy with the responsibility for the care of a little dog he took with him into the service of his nation.

Well done, soldier!

My Soldier Dad


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