Walking in Boots in my Dog Run! Muttluk Dog Booties? Cool.

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These BOOTs are made for Walk’in

Look at my walkin boots for Rootin Tootin Rudy

Look at my walkin boots for Rootin Tootin Rudy

It is winter again (my 2nd) and I love the snow and cold temperatures. Who doesn’t love rolling and pushing your chin and neck through the snow? However, that stuff they put on the streets so the cars can go fast in freezing snow rain and ice!  It hurts my paws.  I try to tell them by licking, and chewing on my paws that I want their attention to this matter.  I need assistance!  Ice salt is bad for tender dog feet.  I did not think they even got it until I wretched on the carpet!  They hate that.  So he talked to his brother “the chemist” who said that ice melting stuff has poisons in it, maybe even a cyanide element in the blue tinted stuff on our streets.  So why do they put it on the icy streets to help the cars go faster past me and him when we have no place to walk due to the deep snow banks long the road?  Some don’t even slow down while we are running to the next driveway!  Don’t they notice that many of the Dog Runs in our town don’t have side walks?

He was smart.  He went online and looked it up at The Animal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals web site.  They have an Animal Poison Control Center site:

There is an article about toxic things and it lists under the High toxicity: (potential for very serious or life-threatening signs) the ice melt products used on streets, driveways and sidewalks.  They may contain several common ingredients in most commercially available ice melt products, including sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium salts and urea.  All of these can make us dogs sick.  I suggest you have them go read the article. Or have them read my post at the The Animal Poison Control Center was every important to them when I grabbed her pill box, quickly chewed on it and ate several pills.  They found out from the Vet at the hotline that what I ate was not going kill me.  Suits me, I did not have to have my stomach pumped out.  Have them write down this number 1-888-426-4435.  There is a $60 consultation fee which buys you 24 hour service and a record that you vet can access on the poison issues.  Listen up, my Buds, they may not understand so please try to get their attention by barfing on their favorite carpet.

Let’s move on to the rest of the story.

You know I hate clothes on me, but that is just what they got me.  Dog Boots…Boots for Dogs! Boots, BOOTS with Velcro straps.  First they got Extreme All Weather Boots by Signature Fashion Pet Collection with red and silver reflective tops and black leather pads. The second set of boots are All Weather MuttLuks.  They are yellow with black leather soles and toes.  They are very durable and made in Canada where I hear from my wolf friends that they get lots of snow.

Loving My New Dog Boots!

Loving My New Dog Boots!

It took a while before I got used to the boots.  He first put them on my rear feet.  I was not used to them and I high stepped it like I was walking on hot coals.  He laughed and laughed. Thanks buddy, I’ll remember you when you’re asleep some night. 

When he put them on the front feet, my dew claw snagged on the cuff.  I was OK once he figured that out he had to roll the cuff down and put his thumb on my dew claw as he inserted my foot into the boot.  We went for a walk and I kicked off a boot.  He put it on again, and we walked until I could kick another boot off.  He would not take the hint and put that boot back on too.  After about an hour and 8 kick offs, he pulled the Velcro Strap tighter and we made it home.

Can't wait to kick up my Heels in my new Boots


These Boots were made for Walk’in and that’s just what I’ll do’ tra la la– in them.  Well, I did until I was wearing the Red Boots, and I lost my precious dog boot. It came off in the snow along the road as I was looking for a place to empty my bladder.  All of a sudden a city snowplow turned the corner and buried it under a huge splash of snow. No matter, I winked at him and he understood that we would look for it when the snow melts.  How do you like that?

Now I am used to the boots and they do protect me feet from that Rock Salt and all the poison chemicals.  I lick less and hardly chew and scratch at my paws at all.  I like the yellow Muttluks the best because of the leather toes.  I give them 2 Dew Claws Up and recommend them to every one. However, I wouldn’t mind trying out some others again.  It is annoying because they are like clothes (you know how I feel about that), but I don’t feel sick now.  I just wish he would hurry up in the morning when I have to go! 

Walk’in is what we do, every morning and night. He is good to me, I hope yours are to you.  Send me your comments, OK?

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